About Makeda

Rarely do we encounter people with talents that span vast regions of valuable life skills from fine arts, to science and media, and compassionate endeavors in volunteering.  Makeda Taylor is one of these unique women.  With a passion for creating and exposing incredible music, a degree in nursing, a community volunteer, and a serious skill for traversing the ever-evolving social media landscape, Makeda’s plate is heaped with projects.  To top it off, Makeda has just released her sophomore album – Peace of Mind.

Peace of Mind is a collection of 15 original songs that come from a very personal place for Makeda.  Song themes exploring struggles with finding inner happiness, battling depression, and finding the confidence to accept the gift of love from another are revealed with arresting and unflinching honesty. The album harkens back to the sweet ballad and adult contemporary sounds of celebrated artists spanning Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Luther Vandros, and Bob Marley. At times buoyant and at times brooding; Peace of Mind provides the listener with an indepth glimpse into a true old soul. In a world that is often marred with chaos and confusion and leaves us desperate for human connection, sincerity and quiet contemplation, we could use a little Peace of Mind.

Born in United Kingdom, Makeda’s family immigrated to Canada when she was a baby and settled in an ethnically diverse community in Toronto. Living amoung so many different people and cultures impacted Makeda’s tendency toward community outreach and helping to improve the lives of others through perusing a nursing degree.
 Makeda excelled in her years of service in nursing, championing Union rights, and even producing the EP – In Your Honour –  in tribute of her peers who risked their lives during the SARS epidemic.  After the difficult but necessary move to leave the field for a spell due to personal struggles, Makeda was able to focus on her own healing process and used music as a therapeutic aid.  Campaigning whole-heartedly and altruistically for Canadian music artists that she loved, Makeda found a warm place in a welcoming music scene.  She also had time to develop further her own musical voice, which lead to much reckoning, and the emergence of Peace of Mind. Makeda’s current work is inspired by the works of Canadian Songwriters Emm Gryner, Suzie Vinnick, and Royal Wood and plans in the future to emulate blues artists BB King and Shakura S’Aida.  Beyond present day pursuits in music, Makeda also volunteers with addiction and mental health patients.

As an authority on evolving social media platform, Makeda offers her valuable insights to struggling artists and organizations looking to buff up their social media campaigns.  Using tools like facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, Makeda designs campaigns and educates on how to make the most effective use of these tools when connecting to your supporters.  According to Makeda; “Social media is all about building relationships with your brand on social media platforms” – and Makeda is a gifted communicator and music industry blogger.  Through her blog posts and social media updates, Makeda shares what’s new, fresh, interesting, innovative, worth hearing and worth avoiding in the immense online music community.  She’s a true gift to anyone requiring guidance in social media, and a bright light in introducing home-grown Canadian music talent to the digital world.

Apart from working to promote a new album and performing ad-hoc shows, Makeda looks forward to future social media exploration and continues to write beautiful songs; all for the love of music.