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Peace of Mind – Makeda Taylor
1. Peace of Mind (itunes)
2. Borrowed Time (itunes)
3. Coming Back (itunes)
4. Happy (itunes)
5. I Can’t Feel it (itunes)
6. Hunger (itunes)
7. Destiny (itunes)
8. Truth (itunes)
9. Now and Forever (itunes)
10. Moments (itunes)
11. The Distance (itunes)
12. Blossoms (itunes)
13. Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Me (itunes)
14. One Way Ticket (itunes)
15. Peace of Mind Reggae (itunes)


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Producers: Laurie Millar, Breandan Davey, Makeda Taylor,
Engineers: Bernie Cisternas, Ashton Price, Douglas Romanow, F-erenc Szabo, Marcus Kane

Mastered by Steve Major

Makeda Taylor – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar
Patricia Jackson – Background Vocals
Jeanine Noyes – Background Vocals on Borrowed Time
Oliver Johnson – Guitar on Blossoms
Dave Leitman – Piano
Laurie Millar – on various synths
Fergus Marsh – Bass & Chapman Stick
Michael Occipinti – Lead Guitar & Acoustic
Al Cross – Drums
Glen Gary – Accoustic on Ain’t Nothin Gonna Stop Me